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World Domination: Kindness Takeover

Today is my 74th day in self-isolation. I just want to put that out there for those of you who get to the end of this blog post and wonder if I’m starting to unravel mentally. The answer might be ‘yes’, but that doesn’t mean what I’m about to say (type, really) is wrong.

So this has come about because earlier today I shared the following image on my social media, along with the disclosure that my Myers-Briggs personality type apparently makes me suited to a career as a Cult Leader or Evil Genius (with Penguin Salesperson as a backup plan).

Now to be clear, I’d posted this for a laugh, because when I saw it, I smiled, and I wanted to share that with others. A Friday Funny if you will.

But it’s been niggling at the back of my head all day, finally coming to the boil when I saw a colleague had posted a comment asking what my SMART (Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Time frame) goals were for world domination.

So here they are;


I want to take over the world through kindness and compassion - by empowering those who share this vision, and through non-violent methods challenge the negative and damaging norms that are holding people back from being the best they can be. Do no harm, but take no s**t.


Progress will be tracked through occurrences of random acts of kindness.


First achievable milestone will be instilling these values in a single department or building, then the company, etc. Slowly but surely, we'll take over the world.


It may take a few years to enact full world domination, but bigger cultural shifts have happened, so it's totally realistic.


I'm aiming for instilling this in a single department by the end of the financial year, which is a conservative time frame.

We’ve been hearing a lot about kindness recently, the theme of Mental Health Awareness week (18th – 24th May) was kindness.

So who’s with me? It’s something I’m intending to do by myself if I must, but it would be a lot easier with others. Let’s start a kindness revolution, and show the world just what type of company we want to be.

#Kindness #KindnessRevolution #ChallengeTheNorm #DoNoHarm #RiseUp

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